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Back Then, Now, Next... Then Next

Time is a change process.  As we spin around on our globe, whirl around the solar system, bound our way in gigantic circles around the Milky Way and scream with billions of other galaxies out from the center of the Universe we should at least come to terms and know one thing from all of this.  What we are now is not what we are now for time has now past us by.


The theoretical perfection that we are looking for in communication involves context in transition.  As a technical society, we are in the process of moving from information processing to knowledge processing.  This process will have a profound effect on our perspective of who and what we are.  If we are not prepared there will be huge gaps between those societies that are not able or not willing to evolve and adapt.  The struggle that will inevitably occur will be far reaching and will affect the ability of the human race to survive in an ever-increasing hostile environment.  We will discover unknown threats to our survival and will either overcome those threats or perish forever as civilized society.  This is not a warning for we all understand that no human or government leader is the pilot of this planet.


If we move too fast in Science then we risk our ability to manage what we discover.  If we move too slowly then we risk that we may not have the discoveries when we as a society are most in need.  Right now the floodgates are wide open and it is hard to judge where we should be.


Better communications theory may allow us to better manage and come to terms within our World societies.  It may allow us as societies to better judge the science that we want and the technology that we will need.      




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