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General Purpose Concepts, Solutions and Products

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2001 RDFollendoreIII

Problem solving usually happens from the specific to the general.  Assume you are in a room; You paint yourself in a corner and you need to find a way out from that corner.  The real problem is not necessarily the painting method. You may have painted in the most efficient way possible at the moment.  The problem is in the first part of the statement, you are in a room.  This statement represents  the philosophical structure of the problem.  In rational problem solving there are no contextual physical barriers to overcome so universal solutions can be created.    

There is a difference between a fix and a solution.  In the painted room example, the short term fix may be to simply wait for the paint to dry or accept the messy footprints and paint your way back out. Real engineering solutions do not accept the premise that a floor must exist in a room so that the painting can take place in a completely different contextual situation.  A careful choice of philosophy can allow rational engineers to step outside of the box and eliminate or at least minimize problems proactively before they occur.      

There are two parts to creating a rational engineering approach to achieving N2K solutions.  They are two sides of the same coin and it is impossible at times to distinguish between the two parts.  There must be rational reasons, not just functional reasons for engineering solutions.  To understand the global contextual ramifications of N2K processes it is necessary to be able to consider solutions from the global to the specific. 

This is what is meant by a general purpose concepts, solutions and products.





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