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A Justification for Multiple Levels of Security

By Roy D. Follendore III
Copyright (c) 1999 RDFollendoreIII
All Rights Reserved


The justification of more than three levels of security can be summed up in one word...Progress

Explanation and Examples:
Higher level problems are more complex and they are also more often the most important to solve.  The ability to solve these higher level problems has a profound effect on the ability to compete.  You can see this at the micro and macro levels.


  • At a micro level we can identify examples where complexity demands greater performance and competition.  The keyboard was specifically engineered to be complex because it optimizes the resources available.  A healthy person with two good hands might be able to earn a living typing papers using just three fingers but would more effective and efficient if he/she were to use them all. 
  • At a macro level, competition is greater partly because our modern world is not the simple world that we grew up and worked in.   Modern companies might still be able to operate with perfect simplicity but they would not be able to compete.  If they attempted to do so they would ultimately fail to achieve their capability and they would be consumed by their competition. 


The society and economy of the future is a society and economy of knowledge.  Knowledge involves the effective and efficient resolution of complex interactions. 
The inherently secure multiple levels within Premonition provide the means to effectively and efficiently resolve complex interactions related to communicating knowledge.  



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