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The Crossover

By Ruth Maxine Henry


I walked down the river, dark and deep,

Knowing I had the cross, but afraid I would sink.


Flashing across my mind, the words I had read:

If you have Jesus with you, there is nothing to dread.


Life's journey led me to mountains tall and steep,

Standing at the bottom, I felt small and weak.


Getting down on my knees, I began to pray,

A voice spoke to my heart: I'll help you today.


As I traveled on into the darkest of nights,

Grieving and sure death was in sight,


Suddenly there came Holy Light from above,

The presence of Jesus and his Love.


There are many battles I know I can win

Because I have Jesus as my special friend.


He wants all my burdens laid down at his feet,

So when he calls I'll enter heaven unafraid and complete. 




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