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Dear Mr. Einstein,

You met so many people in your lifetime but I doubt you know me.   I know you through your published books and letters.  I have seen videos and films about your career and your life.  Your work in physics has been important to all of mankind.  Your compassion in spite of your celebrity is not as well understood. Most scientists do not realize how much of your work was based on human insight.  Mathematics was only the result.  Even the concept of relativity is a human perspective.

If I were to have had the opportunity to meet you I would have told you how grateful I am of your choices. You chose to be an American.  You chose to be more than a great Scientist.  You chose to be a great human being.  Thank you for reflecting on your work in terms of its relationship to humanity.  Where ever you are, I hope that you exist in a place that can witness the benefits you made to Science.


Roy D. Follendore III     






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