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Expecting Innocence To Protect You

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2004 by RDFollendoreIII

December 12, 2004

In the 1970's my brother-in-law called me up and asked for my help. At that time he worked as a manager in a corner convenience store that mostly sold gasoline, cigarettes, snacks, milk and bread to commuters. It had been exceptional business day and my brother-in-law knew that by the time he would be able to arrive at the bank it would be closed and he would have to use the drop. I suppose that this was before banks used cameras to monitor such locations. All that I know is that my brother-in-law and I arrived at the bank with a fat locked zipper bag which fit tightly in the bank drop.  Within the bag he told me was his days receipts, totaling something like twenty six thousand dollars.  When the door to the drop was shut, the corner edge of the bag got caught and had to be trimmed. What was trimmed was perhaps an eighth of an inch of material. I personally saw the bag go into the slot of the door.  I saw the bag get caught in the door and the corner of the bag get trimmed.  I saw the door finally closed properly, and I personally even opened the door to see that the bag had been properly deposited. We were soon on our way home.

By next week, my brother-in-law was arrested for armed robbery.  Apparently the bag never arrived. It was never accounted for by the bank. the bank claimed that no such bag ever arrived.        



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