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I'm Going Home


I'm going home, if I go alone,

To my heavenly Father on his throne.

But my prayer will always be

That you will come and go with me.


He looked down and saw my strife,

Lifted me up and made me right,

Cleansing my soul with his might.

I didn't know until he let me see

What worldly pleasures had done to me.

Body broken, filled with pain,

In my mind I'm so ashamed.

Thank God he heard me call his name:


Precious Jesus, I'm so weak,

If only I could hear you speak.


In my soul I felt a flutter

Like a baby in its mother.

The beat grew strong all that day

When at last I heard him say:


Accept me, repent, believe,

And you are on your way.

Never to roam, because my child,

I've called you home safe with me,

I've set you free. My love

Covers your sin and woe,

Now is the time to let it show.

A labor of love I demand,

And very soon you will see my plan.


I'm waiting now to find the place

Where he sends me to fill a space,

To work and praise his holy name,

My life will never be the same.

I belong to God, and he shall reign.




Copyright (c) 2001-2007 RDFollendoreIII All Rights Reserved