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Internet Noise and the Advantages of VPN the Concept

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 1999 RDFollendoreIII

All Rights Reserved

Visualize a network cable connecting n number of computers together.  The network operating system and the physical cards define which computers and users may communicate.  That is a perfectly good plan, as long as the users and the nodes they are using are finite and known.  What happens as the number of potential node/user combinations becomes huge?  Think about it as Cybernoise.  What tools do distributed end users have to manage this problem?  Mailing lists?  Lookups? 

Now, what if we were able to securely isolate parts of the Internet or any network so that it conforms to our personal/corporate needs and requirements?  Think of it like a bundle of secure virtual fiber optic cables that run only to the right assets that you want them to run to.  We could share the ability to control where the physical and logical cables go with the other users in a distributed fashion so that end users would choose their favorite network structure.  Users would have many secure configurations to choose, some more public and some more private. 


The P in VPN may be a capital P or it may be a lower case p.  A VPN would be a Virtual Public Network and a VpN would be a Virtual private Network.     


Example: A National Children's Network VPN could then exist that would only have proper kind of children's web sites.  Because this would be a small sub set of the larger Internet it is possible to exercise tight moral control and censorship that is proper for children.  The kind of advertising on this VPN would match the target market.




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