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KeyByte: Automated Key Management




Benefits / Features


·          Virtual Private Networks that you control.  From the Original inventor of Virtual Private Network key management technology.

·          Designed to protect both single user and group user information

·          Deep cryptographic access protection for single sign on access

·          Provides a consistent Secure, Rational and Understandable solution to complex Organizational Key Processes over time.

·          Provides real time dynamic Multilevel/Multimedia Security on demand.

·          Multiple Intelligent KeyByte labels help you manage sensitive encrypted files without decryption!

·          Intelligent Labeling Processes Matches Your Policies

·          Tight out of the box E-mail Integration to Cryptography.

·          Microsoft Office Application Integration

·          Electronic Chinese Wall for Security Solutions

·          Built In KeyByte Non-Repudiation Builds On Your Existing Contracts

·          Integrated Intelligent Interface Provides Message Filtering

·          Provide Multilevel User Control with central support and oversight

·          PC and Notebook Filesystem Solutions

·          Transparent key management

·          Supports Microsoft Windows95 and WindowsNT

·          Key generator supports multiple encryption algorithms including DES.  (We can help you build and interface your own private corporate algorithm.)

·          Normal Message and File Input and Output without hassle.

·          Transparently manage and update your labels and passwords remotely.

·          Flexible and Robust design capable of on the fly real time key management.

·          Labels can be generated from your existing database.

·          Labels can be selected by end users or with a transparent and automatic process.

·          Application code developed under CRI’s API (Application Program Interface) and SDF (System Development Framework)

·          A Software and Hardware solution, (PCMCIA or Smartcard )

·          Portable Encryption & Decryption key management cryptography goes where you go and where you need it.

·          Legal Indemnity + Insurance Service provided by individual contract.

·          Label Consulting Support. Is available

·          Controlled Access Spoof Detection

·          Powerful Archival Support

·          Authentication of users, devices, environments and locations

·          Remote Automated Relabeling

·          Digital Signatures for Files, Labels and Virtual Networks, devices, environments and locations.

·          Secure Batch Transmission

·          Directory Services: Compliant with X.500 & X.509

·          Labels, Virtual Networks, and logical access can scheduled to be created and destroyed.

·          Expert System Labeling Control protects users from unauthorized labels

·          Supports MAPI, and available in VIM, MHS Based Mail Packages

·          Can be completely be contained within portable hardware for use.

·          Automatically maintains an encrypted audit trail..

·          Can authenticate and call on hardware and software access systems

·          Compatible with Distributed Computing Environment (DCE)

·          Token Support as required¼ Flexible interface provided by internal property hooks.




·          Stock & Program Trading

·          Corporate Finance Authorization

·          Research Security

·          Information Routing and Filtering

·          Automatic Network Analysis Processing

·          Organizational Information Pathway Analysis

·          Protection of Signal Intelligence

·          Subscription Based Applications

·          General E-Commerce

·          Private Banking

·          Information Services Risk Control

·          Auditable Event Notification

·          Securely Outsource Networking, Servers, and  Archiving

·          Data-warehouse control

·          CD ROM Publication Security

·          Integrated Physical and Electronic Security

·          Automated Billing for Electronic Services

·          Flexible Medical Records Access

·          Complex Tactical Communications

·          Weapons Control and Stand-down

·          Dynamic Credit Control

·          Automatic Teller Machine Services

·          Physical Access Control

·          Private Files and Messaging

·          Telemetry Isolation & Satellite Control

·          Hardware and Component Access Control




KeyByte is a high performance digital key management system optimized by object oriented design for organizational domain applications.  It is a stand alone system and is an excellent match for high throughput, high bandwidth applications because the system can input, process, and output key vectors as digital information passes through your network.


KeyByte consists of a system of multiple object label classes serving labels that describe the message story and their expected capacity.  Within each security transaction the users participate as either a sender or receiver of information .  The sender addresses the proper expectations for the message and sends the message.  The message is automatically wrapped.  If  the receiver has the expected circumstantial authority she may access the incoming message and can authorize decryption with a single button.  At no time do users ever know or track their message/file keys because all keys are unique to each transaction and managed transparently.


Seven key vector processing algorithms operate in parallel to protect the label classes.  Each processing algorithm operates independently as a secure key generation engine, handling bit  data.  The architecture provides a versatile and flexible label management platform isolates the message/file key.


Incoming data vectors may be broadcast to all processing subsystems, or any single processing subsystems. On output, KeyByte reinitializes the vectors from both processors.


Real time, high bandwidth I/O can take place through hardware parallel ports.  Each port may be configured as input or output thus increasing system configuration flexibility.  High speed parallel port capable of sustained transfer rates is possible.


KeyByte software and hardware also support custom trailer words accessible within the output data stream.  In addition the headers can openly define the company for which the labeled information will be expected to perform.  Examples include having the header define the corporation, department, or agency or project filter to used for fast permutation.  The label interface also supports message inferencing, where data vectors may be used for authenticated routing from multiple sources to a single physical/logical destination or from a single source to multiple physical/logical destinations.


High speed, high capacity  Virtual Private Network label database and intelligent labeling generators can hang off the various ports. Processing is achieved by passing data back and forth between the predefined  message labeling locations while flowing the message data  through the processor.


Ordering Information









Software and Removable PCMCIA or Hardware Turnkey Solution


System Requirements

IBM Compatible Pentium Processor


Estimated Time To Generate Key

Software and Hardware Dependent 

(<6 seconds software or <1 second hardware)








Number of Possible KeyByte Labels

Only Limited By Hardware & Operating System


Number of Possible KeyByte Label Sets

Only Limited By Hardware & Operating System


Number of Possible KeyByte Virtual Networks

Limited Only By Hardware & Operating System


Number of Possible Algorithms



Size Of Keys

1 to 20 Bytes (>20 Bytes In Future Versions)


Number of Possible Keys

Dependent on Size of Algorithm Key


Key Period

Transactional (1 time use)


Number of Possible Files In Batch Concatenation

Limited Only By Hardware & Operating System







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