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Dear Mr. Ted Turner,

I have always admired your work, and from what I have read I think it may be possible that we may share a common belief in our willingness to consider our goals in terms of others. The objective of my technology over the years was created to bring people together with knowledge, and I believe that was also an important part of what CNN was all about.  You have used technology to change the world.   

What I would to say to you, if I knew and met you is simply that there exists an underlying resistance to new technologies by corporations and individuals with potentially competing investments that can not be fought by individual inventors like myself.  This resistance prevents new technologies from emerging and destroys the opportunities and initiatives of inventors with credible and important new ideas from being heard in the noise. I would like to help establish a private nonprofit foundation for delivering new knowledge for humanity.

As fellow human beings we must find a new way to obtain new ideas for technologies that will help us reinvent who we are and what we are about in positive ways.  I appeal to you to take the time to give serious consideration of the possibilities of changing mankind's relationship to knowledge.  It is through a deliberate change in the relationship to knowledge to man that our human race may yet be able to change and save this small planet.  This can mean new choices that would not otherwise exist. Making no decision and taking no action is in fact making a decision and taking action.   

I personally believe in the concept of serendipity, so that is the reason for writing this message which I now cast into the Internet sea.  I sincerely hope that you or perhaps one of your friends might discover this message, consider what I have just communicated and act.  You may contact me if you wish through this website at your convenience.  I would be glad to provide you with references and support if requested. If not, please consider the content of this message with my kind regards.


Roy D. Follendore III









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