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What are open letters?

Almost everyone has had a chance to write to Santa.  All of those letters are written for the benefit of the sender, and the parents.  Open Letters are letters that are not necessarily expected to be delivered.  That means that you can write to the famous or the dead.  Open letters are like writing messages, sealing them in bottles and throwing the bottles into the Ocean.   They are not necessarily for the people to whom they are addressed because they may be delivered to anyone or everyone.  The many benefits of open letters include the expression of ideas, that are cast into the sea of networked minds. While none of these letters may ever reach the intended receiver, they the the opportunity to say something important in context and with respect to a nonexistent relationship from an individual perspective.  Open letters can be a wish in the form of a conversation, or the message can be a simple congratulation that would otherwise never been expressed.  It is bread cast upon the waters of all  humanity.  It is unnecessary to expect a reply.

That is what this section is all about. 




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