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The Issue of a Philosophical Requirement of Technical Security Expertise

by Roy D. Follendore III

Much more effort and funding needs to be given to academic research of the philosophy of security, rather than just the "how to" technical means of security because the two disciplines are not independent but forever interpedently linked within our society of successes and failures.  Without an adequate philosophy that matches the exploitable growth of technology, we face potential increases in the rate and degree of truly catastrophic problems.  Philosophy is practical in the sense that it represents the means through which individuals have historically been able to successfully navigate the barriers, risks and hazards of periods of blind progress.  (See General Purpose Concepts, Solutions and Products)  As a society we can not afford to leave this critical aspect of technological growth behind. Universities have not seen fit to create academic departments where leading creative experts in divergent but related fields can examine the philosophical aspects of modern security problems together.    




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